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"In a short time, I've learned such a lot about Barcelona. I've seen things no tourist guide or guided tour can show you - and it was great fun. Thank you so much."

Eckhard, Munich

"I know the city already quite well - that´s what I thought.... The run with Arnd brought fully new perspectives and information to me, which were not only absolutly exciting, but way beyond what city guides offer! Not even mentioning the exceptionel experience of running through the just awaking city, bright-blue skys and fresh morning air - what a rewarding alround experience even before breakfast! I am looking forward to the next tour!"

Hilke, Hamburg

"Even though I had to get up early, it was totally worth it! This was the first time I discovered a city while jogging and learning about culture & history at the same time! That was much more fun than just reading my city guide! If you like sports, you should not miss this next time you are visiting Barcelona. Arnd, this really made my day! Hope to be back soon to try another route!"

Alexandra, Frankfurt